The Coolest but Affordable Bikes You Will Want to Buy

Scooters on Street of France
Scooters and ikes parked at the French street.

I have never been a big bike lover and have always been into sports cars. Until recently. Everything changed after our trip to France where my wife and I spent two weeks on vacation. I was so impressed by the Frenchmen riding their bikes everywhere that we also rented the bike to get around the city. I was amazed by how fast and mobile you get when riding a motorcycle. On coming home I missed our bike rides so much that I decided to buy the one for me. I know something about good cars so I was not ready to compromise on quality and safety. I liked BMW R 1250 RT-P which looks exactly like motorcycles French police ride in Paris.

BMW Police Bike
BMW R 1250 RT-P police motorcycle.

But in addition to looking exactly like French police BMW R 1250 RT-P has a number of advantaged as well. It's very fast and can develop the speed of maximum- 135 miles per hour. Other properties include 134 bhp of maximum power and 105 ft-lb of maximum torque. The new 2022 BMW R 1250 RT-P features a new front end so it does look much thinner and more elegant, plus r comes with a much larger 10.25" TFT display or an Active Cruise Control. All these upgrades make BMW R 1250 RT-P much more comfortable.

BMW R 1250 RT-P Motorcycle
BMW R 1250 RT motorcycle I want to buy.

Of course, I checked BMW R 1250 RT-P reviews and discovered that this make is considered to be one of the safest and most convenient motorcycles around. And the price is not sky rocket, but rather affordable for the quality - around $20 000.

Triumph TT600
Triumph TT600 in yellow color I spotted on the street.

But before I made the decision to buy BMW R 1250 RT-P I was also considering Triumph TT600. It was launched in 2000 and is a rather popular middleweight sport bike by Triumph, a U.K bike maker with substantial manufacturing facilities in Thailand. It comes in yellow bright color and is my wife's choice. If she would pick a motorbike she would hose this one, she said. Why? There are many reasons for that. First, it's sleek and stylish design. Second, it's fast, safe and reliable with 108 bhp of maximum power, 155 mph of top speed, 50.5 ft-lb of maximum torque and 4.8 gal of fuel capacity. But judging by the fact that this model isn't in production now I would rather purchase a brand new bike which is has recently been released.

Bobber Style Motorcycle
Triumph Bonneville Bobber is classy and sleek.

Another important fact is that is also available in black color. The biggest plus is that it is the newer model that started selling in 2017. It is still being produced and is called the Triumph Bonneville Bobber. It's a cruiser bike with adjustable seat and 1200cc engine. It's a bobber-style motorcycle. However, the bike is less powerful, with just 77 bhp. It's maximum torque is 78.2 lb ft which is not bad at all.

Well, I couldn't imagine myself riding a yellow bike, but prefer classic black color which looks cool. So my choice is BMW R 1250 RT-P and I never regretted it.

Motorcycles on Street of France
Motorcycles parked along a crowded city center in Paris.

But buying a motorcycle is only part of the problem. In fact, it's the nicest part of the challenge. Once you get your first motorcycle you need to obtain your motorcycle license as well. The idea is similar to getting a regular driver's license. First you take a written exam, then practice riding it and then take a driving test.

When it comes to taking a written exam, everything is clear. You will have to answer questions relating to state driving laws, safety practices, rules on the road and motorcycle terms.

Once you get the motorcycle permit you can practice riding during the day light and without passengers, under supervision of the licensed motorcyclist. Keep it mind that your motorcycle must be insured.

When you are ready you will take the road test where the examiner will check how well you maneuver your bike in a secluded area, how well you accelerate, make a turn and brake. It should be noted that according to California laws motorcyclists who haven't turned 21 yet are not allowed to take the road test for 6 months since the time they got their learner's permits.

Buying a motorcycle is a fantastic experience that shouldn't take the fun out of your wallet. While buying new bikes can be expensive, there are plenty of ways to save. Look for used motorcycles on Craig's List or eBay, and don't be afraid to haggle - it never hurts to look for discounts.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will help make your motorcycle purchase an easier and stress free one. So what are you waiting for - go out and get yourself a motorcycle!