Beautiful Bicycles: Kate Spade for Adeline Adeline Abici

The first thing you need to know about Kermit Allegra if she is one classy lady that fits in pretty much anywhere. I had ridden an Abici before and dreamed of one ever sense. Superstitiously, I feared getting one because of the Nashville Hills and because reality seldom lives up to dreams. The Abici ended up being one of those exceptions. Despite it being a single speed, this bicycles lightweight and sporty geometry make it a solid Hill climber and a joy to ride. The Kate Spade for Adeline Adeline Abici is a Granturismo Donna that has been customized by Kate Spade. Customizations are minimal but include a rear rack, a front headlight with a vintage look and a special logo and the signature Kate Spade green color. The bicycle is priced at $1,100.

The front light has a vintage look. It is battery-powered and the button to turn it on it in the back of the light and jammed up against the front fork. This design flaw hopefully will be corrected in the future. There are cream ivory grips in marbled plastic and the classic dingdong Bell. The Brooks B-17 settle is comfortable for a 20-mile ride. The Abici's rear rack is different in career than what is shown on the product page. There is an addition of racks drops and it is quite functional but there is no good place to attach a rear light. The frame is lugged with a delicate swooped to the top to that is very Italian. Defenders and chain case make it in all weather ride in the coaster brake and front handle break allow you to keep your hands free to sip a drink. Let them know you a bike lover and you can get a special discount for Kate Spade.

Kate Spade NY Bicycle for Adeline Adeline

Despite my single speed qualms I have ridden this bike everywhere. As someone who prefers to strength over rapid spinning when it comes to peddling, I haven't found a single speed to be any more challenging than my geared bikes even on tough hills.

The reason for this remains something of a mystery to me since I spend more time enjoying the effect that in investigating the cause. I have read that there is some loss of power due to the friction between the chain and derailleur when you're writing a geared bike.

What I know about this bike for sure is that it suits me perfectly and a myriad of ways. The 47.5 cm frame makes all my other bikes feel too big. The bright, cheery color makes it impossible not to smile when you see it. The single speed makes riding feel carefree and easy.

If you are looking for a bicycle soul mate give the Kate Spade Abici a whirl.